Announcing our partnership with New to the Street for a 6 months TV Series— Aired on Fox Business, Bloomberg TV and Newsmax TV

2 min readJan 30, 2022

Hello, everyone, we’re back with some more electrifying news. ⚡

We are thrilled to let you know we have partnered with some amazing people over at New to the Street and will be featured on a 6 Part TV Series on Sunday’s Newsmax TV slot, 10–11 AM ET, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, and other channels.

Over the next 6 months, our common goal will be to communicate our vision and educate the NFT community on the advantages of unlocking liquidity for their NFTs without losing ownership. Viewers will be able to learn about our business and fully understand the process of how our lending platform works and also see what we have prepared in our roadmap for this year. 🔥

Our CEO and Co-Founder Bogdan Baiceanu and New to The Street’s Creator and Producer Vincent Caruso state the following:

“I’m excited to work with the highly professional broadcasting experts at New to The Street, while they begin to interview us regarding our Stater NFT Company. Their syndicate media outlets can expand our marketing capabilities, allowing others to learn more about our unique STR token and Stater’s loan/borrowing NFT platform. All of us at Stater look forward to explaining our ecosystem’s architecture to the New to The Street audiences as we educate and share our fundamental ongoings and successes.”

— Bogdan Baiceanu, Stater CEO and Co-Founder

“We anticipate a successful Stater (CRYPTO: STR) ($STR) 6-part series throughout our syndicated television network. Our audiences should understand their platform in-depth, which acts as an escrow between lenders and borrowers. I am excited to have Stater’s management on our syndicated TV series.”

— Vincent Caruso, CEO, FMW Media Corp, Creator / Producer of New to The Street TV

This upcoming series will air on New to The Street TV’s domestic and international syndicated networks. These will include Sunday’s Newsmax TV slot, 10–11 AM ET, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, and other channels.

Stay tuned for more details regarding the dates and times of future airings.📺

Read the full press release & partnership details here:

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