Halborn Joins Stater as Cybersecurity Advisor

We are more than excited to announce our partnership with as a cybersecurity advisor.

With the current wave of attacks that we see in the space, we all know how important it is to have a secure infrastructure and that cybersecurity is not only related to a smart contract audit but to the entire set of operations inside a project.

We partnered with Halborn because of their world-class expertise in the space and because we believe that by looking at the bigger picture of our operational infrastructure we can increase our capabilities of defense in the case of a cyberattack.

Key objectives of our partnership

  • Continuous auditing of our smart contracts before major features updates of the product.
  • Identifying security vulnerabilities and implementing solutions for risk mitigation.
  • Cybersecurity consulting for best practices around maintaining a secure infrastructure.

Learn more about Halborn here:

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