Introducing Stater x Alpha Dune Community & Governance Merge

Discover our new governance & community hub!

An Overview of Alpha Dune Governance Hub

Alpha Dune Community Change

Alpha Dune DAO

How to become a member?

The Proposal Procedure

There are four main categories an ADP can fall under: Core, Process, Informational and Ecosystem Fund Allocation.
  • Product Development — Everything related to a technical implementation fall here: Feature development, smart contract, UI/UX improvement.
  • Brand Decisions — Proposals related to partnerships, contests and other brand decisions.

Find a proposal template here.

Let’s have a look at the Proposal Steps!

The Proposal Procedure Step-by-Step

Phase 1: ADP Idea

Phase 2: ADP Draft

Phase 3: ADP Review

Phase 4: Pending ADP

Phase 5: Live ADP

Phase 6: ADP Vote

Phase 7: ADP Implementation

The Alpha Dune Voting Process

Alpha Dune DAO’s consensus mechanism aims to make placing votes fair, transparent, and low-cost, so that Alpha Dune holders can participate in the decision-making of the DAO.

Voting Mechanism

  • doesn’t require gas payment.
  • ensures transparency.
  • expands governance participation to all holders of Alpha Dune.

Dune Token Allocation

DUNE Tokens Distribution

DUNE Vesting Information

How to get DUNE?

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