Introducing The Fresh New Stater NFT Collection

2 min readMar 16, 2021

We are excited to re-introduce the updated Stater NFTs to our community! 😜

First step in the rebranding of our NFTs was the design. We partnered with CoonOne and created a Pathogens themed series inspired both by his drawing style and the NFT industry’s latest crazy vibes.

We are also looking forward to collaborate with other amazing designers and bring new series to our collection while maintaining the strong utility that these NFTs will offer in our ecosystem.

By blending design with utility, we aim to create a series that not only brings a fresh vibe in terms of design but also has strong fundamentals in terms of utility.

Stater NFTs utility

  • Now all NFTs will have 50% fee discounts for lenders and borrowers.
  • NFT owners will also receive rewards in STR after they provide a loan — as a lender or after a taken loan has been fully repaid — as a borrower.
  • Our community STR drops will continue but on a limited basis in future campaigns.

First-series owners

All holders of the first version of the Stater NFTs will benefit from the STR token drop as promised based on the purchase price at the time of purchase — and they will also benefit from the updated reward system as well.

All past buyers of the Stater Founder’s Edition and Stater Community Edition will be upgraded to the new Stater Collectibles and the old editions will be burned until 21 March 2021.

Where to find them

👉 You can check out our new NFTs on Rarible :

👉 You can also check out more info on our website:

We hope that you will enjoy our new approach with the Stater NFTs and stay tuned for more updates! Don’t forget to stay in touch and follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.




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