Introducing the Stater Partnership with NFT Bank

3 min readAug 18, 2022


Value automatically your NFT on our platform!

We are excited to introduce you our new Partenership with NFT Bank as part of our Byzantine update that we’ve been working at in the past weeks.

From the start of our project, we’ve made our mission to deliver a seamless, transparent and frictionless NFT lending experience to our users with full product integrations on multiple chains. This is the reason why we would like to provide a quality experience for out users by integrating the NFTBank’s API in the near future.

Stater and NFTBank’s collaboration enables NFTBank to provide the accurate price of the NFTs that are listed on our platform.

About NFT Bank

NFTBank is the go-to NFT portfolio manager powered by a powerful ML model for NFT price appraisals.

The aim of the project is to enable the NFT financialization, as accurate NFT price feed serves as the backbone of building financial derivates on top of NFTs.

NFT Bank Price Estimates

The NFT Bank ML model begins with analyzing NFT metadata traits and sales history.

As the model matured, the team developed methodologies to most accurately predict individual assets such as applying different weighting to trait values, categories, groupings of trait values, time of sales and more.

Value of an NFT

As you may know an NFT can be valued as a function of four components.

Value of an NFT = Utility + Ownership History + Future Value + Liquidity Premium

Utility — Utility value is depended on how the NFT can be used. Two major categories that have high utility value are game assets and tickets.

Ownership history — Value depends on the identity of the issuer and previous owners of the NFT. NFTs with a high ownership history value are often created or issued by famous artists or companies with a strong brand.

Future value — The future value of an NFT is derived both from valuation changes and future cash flow. Valuation is driven by speculation and can sometimes be the main driver behind price appreciation.

Liquidity premium — High liquidity translates to a higher value of NFT. The liquidity premium is the primary reason why tokens that are created on-chain should have a higher value than off-chain assets. ERC standard NFTs can be traded easily without friction on secondary markets with anyone who holds ETH, which increases the number of potential buyers.

NFT Valuation by the NFTBank API

Both of the Historical Valuation API and the Realtime Valuation API will be integrated.

When will the Stater X NFT Bank Partnership be Released

The Partnership will be released with the Byzantine Update in the next months.

The API integration will be live in October 2022.

More about NFT Bank

What’s Next for Stater

  • With the next wave of product updates we aim to automate as much as possible from the lending process in order to create a frictionless experience for our users.
  • More chain integration & more token integrations will follow for our NFT lending platform.
  • We are working on some amazing partnerships with other projects. Stay tuned for that.
  • We are also preparing more exchange listings for $STR.

Thanks for reading and we hope that you like what we’re preparing for Stater. Stay in touch and follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.




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