Last Week In Review — We Have Some Fresh Updates

Howdy and we hope that you are having a great Sunday! Welcome to our Week in Review where we will be touching upon various subjects Stater related, updates, future partnerships, news and more!

We are excited to unveil the updates we have been working on for the past months to bring you the best experience on our platform:

Core Updates

  • We have been working hard to make sure that we are properly set up for the Corinthian Update that will be available in production this month.
  • We have implemented a new recovery system for Polygon.
  • New security fixes for our client.
  • We have prepared our infrastructure for new chain integrations like Binance Smart Chain.
  • Unfortunately there have been some major changes on the OpenSea API lately that have impacted our product on Polygon but our team has managed to find a workaround and a new fix for our Polygon 3rd party issue will be available during the next week.

What’s Next for Stater

  • We are working on a major update that will bring true automation to our NFT lending concept by making the option for fast loans and pool lending a reality for our users. New details on the update will be made available next month.
  • Depending on market conditions, a new exchange listing will be available next month.
  • New liquidity mining pools with some amazing rewards will be available in the next couple of weeks.
  • We are also working on the final touches for the implementation of governance that will represent a new step into making Stater a truly decentralized and community driven project.
  • New and amazing partnerships with NFT projects and other chain integrations are underway as well. Stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates! Don’t forget to stay in touch and follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.



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