Our Closed-Alpha is Live! — Join us on Rinkeby

The Why

Decentralized finance solutions are here for quite some time now and yet the whole DeFi sector is still a tiny part of the overall crypto market. As things grow literally from a week to another, tokenizing everything, using more diverse types of assets for collateral, getting to this point was inevitable.

NFT sector is also booming, but here’s the thing. A collectable is not quite your everyday investment asset. It’s yours and yours only. Who evaluates it? Why sell it at all? There’s plenty of active wallets that still hold Crypto Kitties since December 2017 for example.

The beauty and simplicity of an open-source P2P lending platform for NFT assets is that it allows you to borrow and become liquid without selling your favorite Kittie. And now you can see how it works for yourself.

When? Where?

Right now. You can be part of the Stater journey even before it officially begins. Join our Rinkeby testnet and get early access to our NFT landing platform.

Explore the tools, experience first-hand how everything works and give us your feedback on the product and feel free to suggest functionality improvements, so we can ultimately provide a true world-class lending experience for the NFT market.

Join Today: https://stater.co/early-access/



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Building an open-source lending platform for NFT assets. Check out our platform: https://stater.co/