Stater Collectibles: Stake, Earn, Unlock

Today we are introducing Stater NFT Collectables which will act as the main fee discount option for our NFT lending platform. Owners will be able to stake them on the Stater Lending Platform and receive discounts on fees, community airdrops and much more.

Without Stater NFT the following fees will apply by default on our platform:

  • 40% from interest rate
  • 1% from loan amount

There will be 2 types of Stater NFTs with different discount rates: Stater Founder's Edition and Stater Community Edition.

By staking Stater Founder's Edition on our platform, the following fee reductions will apply:

  • 50% from interest rate
  • 50% from loan amount

By staking Stater Community Edition, the following fee reductions will apply:

  • 15% from interest rate
  • 15% from loan amount

Besides reduction in fees on our platform, Stater NFT owners will also receive community airdrops and other exclusive perks in our ecosystem.

There will only be 200 Stater Founder's Edition and 1000 Stater Community Edition minted for our early adopters.

They are up for grabs today on Rarible at:

Don't forget to always check the correct address: 0xac6d5c3689392dfae5643a3460e4846e2ed4f212



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