Stater NFT Lending Marathon — $5.000 in Prizes for Borrowers & Lenders

We are excited to launch the Stater Lending Marathon, a 30 days contest where our users can Borrow & Lend to win $STR tokens rewards. To enter the contest, follow this link:

Contestants are rewarded 50 points for Creating a Loan Package on Stater and submitting the Creation ID in the Gleam contest. This is a repeatable task, so for every Loan Package created contestants can submit the Creation ID and win 50 extra points; this action is available once per day. You can submit multiple Creation IDs in the same time as well.

After creating a Loan Package, the Creation ID will be available in the LoanBook section, as shown in the picture bellow.

For more info on how to use our lending platform, you can check out our documentation:

At the end of the contest, $4000 in $STR tokens will be hierarchically distributed to the top 5 points earners of the contest and $1000 will be randomly distributed to 5 lucky winners.

The prize distribution will be the following (all prizes will be distributed in $STR):

1st place: $1500 + 1 Stater NFT (check them out here

2nd place: $1000

3rd place: $700

4th place: $500

5th place: $300

Thank you for reading and we hope you will enjoy the Lending Marathon! Stay in touch and follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.




Building an open-source lending platform for NFT assets. Check out our platform:

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Building an open-source lending platform for NFT assets. Check out our platform:

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