Stater Official Links and Ethereum Contract — Beware of Fake Tokens and Groups

As we all know, the crypto space is not always the safest — especially on social media. This is because nowadays it’s so easy to impersonate an admin, a team member or even a project. Unfortunately in the past days we had a lot of fake groups and tokens that are trying to steal from our community.

To be sure you always stay on the safe side, always double check that you are using the correct links and information.

Stater official website is and on the first page you will see the Follow Us button with the official Stater social media links.

Stater official Telegram channel:

Stater official Telegram announcement channel:

Stater official Discord:

Stater official Twitter account:

Stater official email address:

Stater Github:

Stater NFT collectibles:

Stater Ethereum Contract:

These are our only and official links. Anything else represents a high risk and it is created with the intend to steal your information and crypto. We strongly suggest you only use these links and do not interact with anybody pretending to represent Stater and always double check the information that you see.

Thank you and please spread the news so everybody in the Stater community can be safe.



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