Stater X Houndrace: The New Era of DeFi and GameFi Begins

2 min readApr 6, 2022


Hello Stater Community!

We are excited to announce the Stater X Houndrace Collaboration and all the benefits that will be provided for all the users from both projects. As you all know our team behind the P2P NFT Collateral Protocol has been building Houndrace during the past months.

This update will give a quick and concise rundown of what will be happening very soon in the Houndrace ecosystem, and what to expect in the near future as a Stater user in the Houndrace ecosystem and also the other way around!

About Houndrace

Houndrace is a play-to-earn blockchain game that brings the passion of houndracing on the metaverse.

The game offers users a multitude of gameplay features from racing to breeding with 2D and 3D simulated environments and a custom genetics algorithm that ensures uniqueness and authenticity for every new generation of hounds.

Benefits for Stater users in the Houndrace ecosystem

Free mints — Stater token holders and Stater NFT holders will automatically receive access to free mints on Houndrace. The exact format with the amount of free mints will be calculated before the minting event.

Custom Stater Races — Stater token holders will be able to join races that have $STR for the entry ticket.

In-game Milestone Rewards — During each race there will be additional milestones with rewards that will be given to the first hound that reaches the milestone.

Liquidity Mining — Users will be able to mine Houndrace tokens with their $STR tokens.

Access to Skins Marketplace — Stater users will be able to upgrade their hounds and purchase new skins with $STR as well.

Benefits for Houndrace users in the Stater ecosystem

Platform Discounts — Houndrace owners will be able to unlock fee discounts on the Stater NFT Lending platform.

Liquidity Mining — Houndrace token holders will be able to mine $STR in different pools.

And this is just the beginning. As the DeFi and NFT spaces continue their exponential growth, we believe that the future is based on interoperability between different projects and a gamified user experience and our goal is to provide the first initials .

Want to know more about Houndrace?

Head over to for more information or to be in the first line to buy your own NFT hound.

You can find here the official Houndrace- Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts.

Thanks for following our project.

Stay in touch and follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.




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